Private Session Rates
Single session $85
Package of 4 Sessions $300
Package of 8 sessions $560

*all packages must be completed within 30 days of purchase

Group Class Schedule
Please join us for the ELEMENTS Group Class Series, taught by Master trainer Elizabeth Holland and hosted by Authentic Fusion Yoga and Wellness in Venice FL. No previous experience is required for this class series! Beginners and ALL levels welcome!

ELEMENTS OF MOVEMENT- Saturday, June 24th from 3-4:30PM
~ Class starts with a physical and energetic awakening, moves on with the basic principals of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® chair movements, and finishes with a decadent standing series.

ELEMENTS OF BREATH - Wednesday, June 28th from 7-8:30pm
~ This class will include all of the basic principals and movements learned in the previous class, but will focus on the sometimes passive/sometimes rhythmical breath in relation to GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methodology.

ELEMENTS OF STABILITY - Wednesday, July 26th from 7-8pm
~ Have you heard of Pilates & GYROTONIC® equipment, wanted to try it, but just can't afford private lessons? This class is for you! We will start with basic principals of both methods to warm the spine, then move on to utilizing small, rolling aparatus to experience the stabilizing and core control movements that both systems have to offer.

ELEMENTS OF FLUIDITY - Saturday, July 29th from 3-4pm
~ Again, small, rolling apparatus will be used in this class to expand upon the basics of stability and control, finding physical and energetic grace through more circular and spiraling movements while incorporating corresponding, rhythmical breath. 

ELEMENTS OF BALLET 1 - Wednesday, August 23rd from 7-8pm
~ Whether you took ballet lessons as a child and loved it, or you have never taken a ballet class in your life and wish you had, this class is designed to meet you at you at any level of fitness! We will start with a very basic, slowly moving ballet barre. We will then move on to the mat for some yoga stretching and core work, and we will finish with simple weight-shifting and centering choreography to fulfill your inner child's "ballerina dreams"! 

ELEMENTS OF BALLET 2 - Saturday, August 26th from 3-4pm
~ This class will include all of the basic movements from ELEMENTS OF BALLET 1, but will expand upon the connection between Mind-Body movement and breath work. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

ALL 6 CLASSES = $125

CALL Lynne T. Murphy at Authentic Fusion #941-237-6318 or email to register!


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